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Public Notice

PUBLIC NOTICE Hollyfield Solar II LLC A solar renewable energy project is proposed to be located near Manquin, Virginia, on approximately 218 acres across two parcels at off Bassettaire Ln. The solar project will provide a maximum 13 MW of nameplate capacity. The project's Conditional Use Permit was received from King William County on Monday November 20th. The proposed project is now proceeding through the Virginia Permit by Rule Process. The project design was based upon various engineering and environmental studies performed at the site over the last year. The project design will be in accordance with federal, state and local standards. Virginia Solar LLC, the developer of the project, welcomes the opportunity to discuss the project with interested parties and address their questions or concerns. This particular public participation is offered for the following purpose: (i) acquaint the public with the technical aspects of the proposed project and how the standards and the requirements of chapter 9VAC15-60 "Small Renewable Energy Projects (Solar) Permit By Rule" will be met, (ii) identify any issues of concern, (iii) facilitate communication, and (iv) establish a dialogue between Virginia Solar LLC and persons who may be affected by the project. A 30-day comment period, in accordance with 9VAC15-60-90 C will be held commencing December 21st 2017, and ending on January 20th 2018. Any interested parties may contact the applicant to ask questions or provide comments as follows: Hollyfield Solar II LLC / Virginia Solar LLC Attn: Matthew Meares 8401 Patterson Avenue, Suite 201 Richmond, VA 23229 Matthew.meares@vasolarllc.com Phone: 919 807 1873 A public meeting will be held, in accordance with 9VAC15-60-90 at the American Legion Post 314, 6250 Richmond Tappahannock Highway, King William, VA on January 8th 6:30pm until 7:00pm or until all questions have been answered. Copies of the documentation to be submitted to the Department of Environmental Quality in support of the permit by rule application will be available for inspection at the King William County Planning Department 180 Horse Landing Rd, King William, VA 23086 commencing December 21st 2017, and ending on January 20th 2017.

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Public & Legal Notices